A new experience Traduction "Une nouvelle expérience"

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A new experience

One summer afternoon, Chise was walking around the city of London, browsing through one store after another. She wanted to find a new outfit for the season, which was shaping up to be quite warm. Elias had exceptionally let her go out on her own but with Ruth's presence of course. After visiting the fifth boutique since she started shopping, she found her happiness and it was a kind of lace dress quite light and perfectly suited her taste. She was very happy with her purchase and decided to go back right after because she didn't want to arrive too late to avoid upsetting Elias (she didn't want to hear him lecture her because she had known her for a long time). Chise was now on the doorstep with her little bag in her hand and pushed the handle to go back to her warm house.

[Chise]-I'm back, I'm home!

she exclaimed to make it clear that she was there. Unsurprisingly, Elias soon arrived in front of her.

[Elias]-That's right Chise, this time you're not too late, I'm glad you're aware of your actions.

he said to her, affectionately rubbing the tip of his muzzle on her hair as a "sign of welcome".

[Elias]-Did you find something that suits you? That's why you begged me to come out, isn't it?

A little embarrassed, she replied:

[Chise]- Uh, yes... yes, look, I found this:

she said, pointing to the bag in her hands.

[Elias]-And what is it?

he asked in an innocent tone.

Chise, wanting to surprise her husband because this outfit was "lighter" than what she usually wore, answered him:

Well, I'll show it to you later, you won't find out yourself.

she declared with a smile on her lips.

[Elias]-Well, do as you like I'm not going to force you after all.

It was now around 7pm and Chise had had plenty of time to try on and contemplate her new outfit, she just didn't dare yet to go and present herself as her in front of Elias even though she knew full well that he wouldn't judge her. After a few minutes of reflection, she finally decided to go downstairs hoping that it would suit her husband. Elias was reading a book, comfortably seated in his red chair, when he heard a shy voice addressing him.

[Chise]-And, well, here is Elias... how do you like her?

she whispered almost in a barely audible voice. Her cheeks began to turn red and she tried to avoid the gaze of the one who was looking at her. A few seconds had already passed and Chise still hadn't received an answer, so she decided to look at Elias and was somewhat surprised by his reaction. He stared at her, his mouth ajar with a trickle of drool dripping from her.

[Chise]-Elias, is everything all right?



He came to his senses over the sudden naming of his first name,

[Elias]-Hm, yes, excuse me Chise, I don't know what happened, I felt a very strange sensation, I had the impression that I was no longer in control of my mind and I could only see you. But to answer your question I think you look very pretty in this outfit, you look wonderful.

He wiped off the drool that was dripping from his teeth and these words made the girl blush even more beautiful,

[Chise]-Ah, ah yes...? Thank you very much then, I'm glad you like it.

But Elias seemed to have something else to say and he seemed to be holding back.

[Chise]-What's wrong Elias? You know, if something is bothering you you can tell me too.

He looked at her out of the corner of his eye, hesitating and then confessed:

[Elias]-About this new sensation, when I saw you, I had a great shiver in my pelvis and ran down my back to my neck. But it was so sudden and strong, a feeling of pleasure a bit like when you run your hand over my skull, except that there you weren't even touching me and it was just as pleasant. Can you explain this?

He looked at her with his eyes "wide open" and at what seemed to be a smile because she could more easily discern his facial expressions, although they were not always obvious to translate. Chise, who was still "shocked" by this statement, took a few seconds to think before answering him:

Chise]-I think that if, as you say, it pleases you, it's because you care about me and appreciate that I'm here I think, you like my presence I guess.

Even though deep down, she knew Elias felt love, but he himself was not really aware of it. Chise was a little ashamed to tell him that he was expressing love for her, but on the one hand she found it funny to be able to provoke him unconsciously, and intended to continue this little game only later that evening.

The evening went normally and Elias always kept an eye on his beloved because he found her fascinating. It was now time to go to bed and almost regretted having to part with Chise (at that moment he didn't yet know what was going to happen that night). To his great surprise, when he was already comfortably installed in bed, he heard 3 little knocks at his door and it opened accompanied by Chise who was just in her new outfit. Elias paused before starting:

[Elias]-What are you doing here Chise? Do you need something?

he tried to say calmly as the tension rose in him. And it was by no means unpleasant.

[Chise]-To thank you for all that you do for me, I told myself that I could make you happy tonight as you explained to me earlier.

Chise thought she could go a little further to find out more about Elias that evening. She started by walking slowly towards her bed and lay down right next to him. He was in a state he had never experienced before, a feeling of happiness was invading his body and she would soon take over his consciousness. Chise first moved her arms forward to lovingly caress the skull of her beloved. She slid her fingers along his muzzle, over his teeth and he really enjoyed it.

[Elias]-Mmmhhff, that's nice, please continue.

She was just stroking his face and he was in a state of ecstasy, she could feel his breathing accelerating and could almost hear his heartbeat. She decided to go even further and this time she turned around on his chest and started unbuttoning his "pyjamas" to put him shirtless. Elias was reveling in this new experience which he enjoyed very much, he felt like he could go crazy at any moment. Chise was content to gently slide her fingers from the top of her chest down to her pelvis and these little back and forth movements were very pleasant. She put her husband in a state that was close to madness, it was the first time she saw him like this and she found a little "exciting" side to this game.

[Elias]-Mmmh, yes, go on, what's gotten into you tonight hm?

[Chise]-Nothing special, I just thought we could experiment with some new things. And I am your humanity teacher after all, one day or another I must show you how it works.

she says with a mischievous look. Elias, who had been letting it happen for several minutes now, decided to do the same, he stood up and was now sitting with Chise between his legs. First he ran his hands through her beautiful hair and wanted to return the favour to his wife. He started to move his hands down his hips until he reached her chest and his hands touched his partner's breasts (although she was still dressed). Surprised by Elias' action, Chise was startled:

[Chise]-What... what are you doing Elias?

[Elias]-When you put your hands on me, it made me very happy, so I thought, why not try it with you, don't you like it?

he asked looking worried. Chise, a little confused, replied:

[Chise]-No..no, I don't mind but it's just that coming from you I was a little surprised.

Chise found it amusing to see her husband trying to reproduce his actions as best he could. It was the first time Elias could touch her body so closely and it only made the big beast more excited because his wife would also square her neck alternating with her chest and her skull. A few minutes later Chise turned around with her arms wide open to tenderly cuddle her husband. They were now glued together and the usually comforting warmth of his wife was transformed into a feeling of intense excitement. Chise, too, took a small pleasure in seeing Elias groping around on her and ended up appreciating her actions. An hour and a half had just gone by and they couldn't take it anymore. Elias was hot and his little grunts of pleasure became more and more regular, she felt that he would soon crack and did not want his degeneration. So in a soft, calm voice she whispered to him:

[Chise]-Thank you for this evening Elias, but I think we should stop there for tonight. It's already a big step we've taken, isn't it?

[Elias]-Hmm, are you sure?

[Chise]-Yes, and then we'll have the opportunity to go further next time, so we won't have everything today.

Elias, still in a state of partial ecstasy, half understood the meaning of the words she had just spoken, but he had understood the substance of her thought. He grumbled:

[Elias]-It's okay, if you say it I trust you. I can't wait for the next time to come, so I have to listen to my teacher too.

[Chise]-Thank you for trusting me, dear student.

she says in a tone as if they were in a play. Exhausted, they hugged each other and fell into a deep sleep with the memory of a wonderful experience.

The end.

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